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When Art is Cut From Schools, the Consequences Are Potentially Drastic

Because of where our world is headed with technology, kids are going to have to use their whole brain, not just the logistical side, to be successful.A three-year study by The Arts Education Partnership showed that involvement in the arts triggers the right side of the brain, which is used in making connections, problem solving and developing social skills. The study also showed that schools that have art in the curriculum (this includes visual art, music and drama) also have higher attendance and better behavior. Some argue that art class gives kids a break from the school day, but any teacher will tell you their art class is time for students to apply what they’ve been learning.Take something as simple as making a model out of clay for example. It’s science, because they [students] learn that it’s made through erosion. It’s social studies, because every culture has used clay at some point, and it incorporates language because it’s expressive.Out of all the arts, there is compelling evidence that music is the most important skill. Learning an instrument gives children a voice they would not normally have. Music is a way for people to express themselves. With no music programme, students who have trouble expressing themselves in words would be totally lost. They would fall through the cracks of our education system. Music can often provide the bridge to an education for underprivileged children.Listening and team-building are also two important musical elements that are valuable to students, because students have to listen to the music as a whole. Students have to listen to how their part fits into the big picture. This is something they would not learn with any other subject.
Without the arts, education is boring! A bored student is incapable of learning anything. They switch off. Music is well known for turning people on.The 21st century is looking for people who work as a team. It’s not just about the individual, but it’s about a group of people working together to create something. Consider this concept to be a bit like an orchestra. Not all instruments need to be loud. Not all soft. Everyone has their part to play to make up the whole. We learn that perceived weaknesses can be used as strengths. Everyone is unique. No one is insignificant.You don’t need to spend a fortune on music education. It only takes a trip to the library or a download of a CD online to introduce your kids to quality music. If there’s a festival on, take your children along so they can experience free live music for themselves. Stand near the stage or go up to the musicians after the performance and introduce your children to them. It only takes a few minutes. Remember, you are sowing a seed. You never know when it is going to sprout.